Taking care of people
  • Working with no harm to people and environment (Goal Zero)

    SPD’s high HSSE standards equally cover the company staff and contractor employees. Their goal is to embed safe operations culture with everyone working at the Salym group of fields. SPD is successfully developing specialist programs focused on building a positive attitude towards industrial safety issues and establishing a safe working culture.

  • Comfortable working and living conditions on the field and at the office

    The Salym group of fields has a well-developed modern infrastructure: modern two-storey accommodation buildings, medical clinics, canteens. Each accommodation block provides a resting room equipped with a satellite television system, laundry, and gym. SPD employees are provided with three meals a day free of charge across the oilfield.

    Office employees work at Class A offices. They are provided with a compensation for meals at cafes and restaurants located inside the office building or nearby. Throughout the day, preventive massage is available to the employees, and yoga classes after work.

  • Meaningful social benefits for the employee and his/her family members

    SPD employees enjoy extended social benefits including the following:
    - medical insurance for the employee and family members, including children under 21, as well as acknowledged partners;
    - employee’s life insurance;
    - sick leave payments;
    - lump sum compensation of travel expenses paid to and from vacation location;
    - travel insurance for the employee and family members, including children under 21, as well as acknowledged partners;

    SPD provides employees working on rotational basis with free travel to the work site and place of residence and additional bonuses for employees.

  • Taking care of employees’ health

    All SPD employees undergo medical examination. There is a medical team operating 24/7 on the field. In case of illness, employees are provided with 100% sick leave payments.

    SPD aspires to create as favourable conditions as possible, so that the employees might maintain themselves in good shape: a dedicated sports and recreation centre has been built on the oilfield, with a gym for competitive sports, sauna, billiard, and table tennis.

  • Attention to employees’ needs

    SPD regularly conducts employees’ meetings with the CEO and the company’s management team, which cover the status on key areas of the company’s activity as well as key staff changes. Any employee is free to ask a question of his/her interest directly to the company’s management team.

    The anonymous opinion survey conducted among the company’s employees helps SPD management team know the employees’ opinion on the current status as well as get a clearer idea of the collective needs.

  • Maternity benefits

    The company’s female employees may choose a voluntary health insurance program for pregnancy and birth support or receive a lump sum benefit at birth or adoption of a baby under 3 months.

  • Acknowledgement for achievement

    SPD has a well-developed system of material and non-material rewards to employees for their achievements. In particular, there exist several types of bonuses which are paid for participation in and execution of successful projects, contribution to compliance with HSSE rules, etc.

  • Flexible work schedule

    Office employees are offered a flexible schedule which makes it possible to maintain work and life balance.

Wide opportunities for career and professional development
  • Acquiring the experience of best international and Russian practices

    SPD provides a unique opportunity to adopt the experience of best-in-class Russian and international specialists, and see how cutting-the-edge international technologies work in the Russian reality.

  • Regular performance assessment and feedback to the employee

    Individual employees’ performance assessment is a united annual process. This is a cyclic process which consists of several phases including setting of tasks for the year, mid-year discussion of their progress, and closing out at the end of the one year period. Throughout the cycle, employees see their line managers for goal endorsements and clarifications, discussion of the task execution status, and receiving feedback.

  • Individual long-term development plans for all employees

    Each SPD employee has a plan of development for the next year which serves as the basis for making a plan of learning events, seminars, and projects.

  • Intensive technical learning program

    Employees in technical disciplines are provided an intensive technical learning program which, inter alia, makes it possible to obtain international certificates for working in international petroleum companies.

  • Leader development programs and leadership competency training

    SPD has developed integrated employee training programs for key managerial positions. Programs like these provide a unique opportunity for the employees to develop leadership and technical skills and expand the horizons of their personal capabilities.

  • Getting the knowledge directly from SPD international expert employees

    SPD provides a unique opportunity of working with the best-in-class international specialists and adopt their best practices in all disciplines.

  • Program for career development in shareholder companies

    SPD provides its employees with extensive opportunities for long-term planning of professional and personal improvement, including career development in shareholder companies (Shell and Gazprom Neft). Successful candidates are nominated by the management team and are admitted to compete for filling vacant positions across shareholder companies.

SPD Culture
  • Friendly atmosphere and well-wishing style of communication between managers, employees, and colleagues

    SPD is a small oil company as compared to major Russian vertically integrated petroleum concerns. This makes it possible for it to maintain a unique friendly atmosphere in working at all levels. SPD encourages a proactive approach and initiative, autonomous work, and personal accountability.

  • Policy of ‘open doors’ and dialogue with employees

    The company maintains a policy of ‘open doors’, aspiring to give each employee an opportunity to engage in an open dialogue with the company’s management team and communicate his or her point of view to them. The superior-subordinate relations are built on the principles of mutual honesty, openness, respect, and trust.

  • Corporate events

    SPD conducts regular corporate contests and events (including Oilman’s Day, New Year) both at offices and on the field, as well as individual team-building events for departments. This makes it possible to both motivate employees and strengthen the team spirit of departments and the company as a whole.

  • Corporate charitable programs

    The company actively implements corporate charitable programs focused on aligning the employees with the corporate social responsibility culture.

An innovative company
  • State of the art international and Russian oil production technologies

    SPD executes several innovative projects involving state of the art technologies focused on process technology improvement at all operating phases. In particular, the company employs the best Russian drilling equipment and materials which, along with the accumulated operating experience and state of the art process solutions, makes it possible for SPD to be a leader in well construction.

  • ASP enhanced oil recovery project

    SPD is executing several innovative pilot projects. One of them is enhanced oil recovery on the basis of flooding the reservoir with three-component ASP mixture. In case of successful execution of this project, it will make it possible for the company to grow oil production volumes within the scope of the existing licenses as well as have the most important significance for the development of West Siberian fields as a whole.

    Implementation of such projects like these gives employees a unique opportunity for pioneering, solving difficult tasks, and inventing new approaches.

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