FAQ: working with SPD
  • Where and how can we find more details on the rules for conducting competitive selection in SPD?

    The Instruction for Participants and the Rules for Conducting Competitive Selection of Contractors and Vendors with a detailed description of the entire process and attached forms to be filled are publicly accessible on SPD site in the Documents section.

  • What are the criteria for evaluation of an offer for a tender?

    Offers for a tender shall be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

    a) value of the contract the right to make which is the subject of the tender, as well as payment terms;

    b) timing for delivery of the inventory or provision of services which are the subject of the tender;

    b) qualitative description of the inventory or provision of services which are the subject of the tender.

  • How critical it is to provide information on health, safety, etc. standards and approaches?

    In order to perform the work on SPD license areas, each participant must provide the filled-out Health, Safety, and Environment (HSSE) Questionnaire in case it is attached to the TCO request received by the participant, as well as attach the documents listed therein on HSSE management system that has been developed and operating in the company.

    The participant can be allowed to perform the work on SPD’s fields only in case its HSSE management system complies with SPD minimum requirements.

  • In which cases can the results of the competitive selection be rescinded?

    The company sends invitations to make offers with a full intention to award a Contract / Purchase Order. In doing so, SPD reserves the right not to award the Contract / Purchase Order and may revoke invitations to make offers under the following conditions:

    a) any operational changes in the Company;

    b) prices offered exceed the Company’s estimate calculated or budget approved, and have been deemed to be unacceptably high;

    c) the market does not display a sufficient interest to the tender;

    d) unlawful act on behalf of the tender participant(s) which can impair the tender process.

  • How should the envelope for participation in the tender be addressed?

    In case the designated submission method is the traditional method of submission of offers on paper in sealed envelopes, the offer must have the mandatory inscription on the envelope:


    TECHNICAL & COMMERICAL OFFER for [title of the competitive selection]

    COMPETITIVE SELECTION NUMBER: [competitive selection number]

    OFFER ACCEPTANCE DEADLINE: [dd.mm.yy, hh.mm]


    PACKAGE № ____ OF ____

    (state which parts of the TCO have been placed in the envelope)


    Salym Petroleum Development N.V.
    Novinski Boulevard, 31, Floor 6
    Moscow, 123242, Russia

    Attention: Tender Board Secretary

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