On June 6, 2017 SPD held Safety Day at the Salym group of oil fields putting together over 1400 SPD employees, contractors and subcontractors. Delegation of Shell consisted of Oliver Lazare, Country Chair Shell Russia, Sergey Farin, Manager NOV – Salym Petroleum, and Tatiana Bobrovitskaya, General Manager S&E, HSE, joined the events held within Safety Day.

Olivier Lazare opened the town hall session at the sports hall of accommodation camp at West Salym field. Country Chair Shell Russia told that he was happy to be here again and reminded that his previous visit to Salym fields had been 2 years ago and has been timed also to Safety Day. Olivier Lazare said how he was impressed by SPD safety performance improvements with SPD historical record of 8.3 million man-hours LTI free and noted that there was no way to complacency in journey to Goal Zero. He also shared his personal story on safety related with using safety belts in cars by passengers.

After town hall Shell guests joined IIF Communities sessions. These meetings combining SPD staff and contractors were led by representatives of various IIF communities set up throughout the Salym group of oil fields. Shell guests participated in teamwork of West Salym 2 community called Community of Good Deeds and discussed with other attendees the importance of intervention in unsafe actions and developing culture of care not only within Salym fields but also at their everyday life.

After IIF Communities session Shell representatives visited ASP plant to see ASP pilot in action. Vladimir Malakhov, ASP Superintendent, told the guests about the process how the mixture of alkali, surfactant and polymer was prepared and injected in the formation.

The last but not the least destination of Shell guests during their visit was Salym village. They met with Administration Natalya Akhmetzyanova, Head of Salym, who told the guests about the cooperation between the local community and SPD. The group visited kindergarten constructed by SPD, school #1 and a cultural center Siyanie Severa (Shining of the North) where they saw the performance of indigenous people theatre Khanty Mosch. Shell guests were impressed by level of equipment at the kindergarten and school as well as the professional skills of the Khanty actors.

Country Chair Shell Russia Visited Salym Fields
22.06.2017 11:07:23
Olivier Lazare, Country Chair Shell Russia, visited Salym group of oil fields to take part in the events within Safety Day 2017.
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