SPD hooked up oilfield power supply network facilities to Snezhnaya substation. This made it possible for the company to ensure guaranteed receipt of electric power for the Salym group of oil fields from external sources in the volume of 96 MW.

Snezhnaya Project is the company’s biggest project in the domain of power supply for the Salym group of oil fields. Within the scope of the project, starting 2010, a substantial scope of design and construction of power supply network facilities was performed, which facilities were required for receipt and distribution of additional electric capacity. Within the framework of successful fulfilment of the tasks articulated in Strategy 2020 the Salym oilfield required additional 60MW of electricity.

In the course of project execution, the company has built an 83 km long, 110kV voltage class overhead power transmission line, reconstructed 110 kV voltage class West Salym and Evikhon system substations, and installed emergency control automation at the power generation plant (PGP). The construction also included a reserved system for data gathering and transmission between power supply network facilities, temporary 4 MW diesel power plants for power supply to West Salym and Vadelyp. For the purposes of the project the company reconstructed several facilities of Federal Grid Company of United Energy System PJSC, organized reserved channels for teleinformation transfer and dispatcher communications between power supply network facilities of SPD and System Operator of United Energy System JSC in Surgut. As a result, the company organized and ensured a radically new quality level of interfacing between operator, grid, power supply entities and the United Energy System operator in the region.

In June 2017 the infrastructure created by the company has been hooked up to power grid of Federal Grid Company of United Energy System PJSC and Snezhaya 220/110 kV electric substation. This ensures guarantee external electric power takeoff up to 96 MW as required for long-term development of the Salym group of oilfields. The Snezhnaya Project executed in full removes power supply restrictions and ensures opportunities for growth and development of oil producing facilities within the SPD oilfield. In particular, the project provides energy resources for the development of West Salym, Vadelyp, and Upper Salym in accordance with the approved development strategy. Besides, the results obtained make it possible to ensure development and operation start-up of Upper Salym South.

“The Snezhnaya Project has become a true challenge for the company. Having defended the concept idea, SPD specialists engaged in long and multistage negotiations with Federal Grid Company of United Energy System PJSC and Tyumen Regional Dispatcher Administration. As a result, the decision was developed on the terms of provision of additional 60 MW to the company, where there was a deficiency for the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra at the time when negotiations started. The additional volume of electric capacity makes it possible for SPD to dynamically develop the oilfield and ensure production at planned level,” told Andrey Khrapov, Power Project Manager.

The Snezhnaya Project has been completed on time and budget. Thanks to its execution SPD has significantly reduced expenses for electricity purchase as well as enhanced reliability of the entire power supply system.

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