Salym Petroleum Development (SPD) has determined the key areas for execution of environmental activities related to Year of Ecology in Russia. In 2017 the company will continue execution of various environmental projects including programs for enhancement of the pipeline system reliability, waste segregation, energy saving, as well as monitoring of suspended and abandoned legacy wells. SPD will start a pilot project in pitless drilling, which will make it possible to reduce environmental footprint and is aimed at preserving the natural heritage of the Salym land.

Besides, the company will support several international, national, and federal environmental projects intended to ensure awareness and build an environmentally responsible behaviour. These include participation in the International Ecological Action ‘To Save and To Preserve’, International Ecological Forum and Conference of UNESCO Associated Schools, master classes for local administrations and residents of the Salym land as well as other initiatives.

During the summer period all field camps and operational sites are getting ready to the contest for the most ecological facility at the field.

‘Our company continuously seeks to consistently improve environmental performance and reinforce ecological behaviour in daily and operational activities of the employees. The focus on implementation of eco-technologies is a powerful incentive for business to enhance the quality of non-financial reports. We are proud to have become a TOP 5 environmentally responsible petroleum company in 2016; however, we keep on continuously improving in this area still. I am sure that, thanks to its environmentally and socially responsible approach to doing business, SPD will achieve the highest indicators in the domain of eco-operations and caring usage of natural resources,’ Mikhail Kovalev, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Manager, points out.

Assurance of environmental safety, minimizing environmental risks, and environmental protection are an undoubted priority in SPD’s operations as well as an integral part of its strategy. Since the very first days of the Salym project the company has been paying substantial attention to the issues of implementation of numerous programs to retain biodiversity of the Salym land as well as to promote responsible attitude towards nature.

‘It is the attitude of people as the most valuable asset of the company towards the environmental protection issues that determines the level of environmental responsibility performance. Our colleagues show us daily examples of conscientious and creative approach to their work by thinking not only about how to efficiently perform the professional tasks set forth but also about how to minimize or completely eliminate the adverse environmental impact. The initiatives implemented make it possible to take a new look at the existing operational processes, identify opportunities for improvement thereof, optimization, and cost reduction,’ Elena Gerasimovich, Environmental Team Leader, emphasizes.

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