Salym Petroleum Development (SPD) drilled a 3305-meters-deep well at Upper Salym in less than 8 days. The construction time of this well became a new record for this depth.

“From year to year SPD drills deeper and more complex wells, alongside manages to constantly improve efficiency of well construction and the speed of drilling. This record proves that SPD succeeds in its constant work to deliver top-class wells in Salym group of oilfields. This record is achieved by true professional teamwork of SPD and contractors staff, dedication to work, novel thinking and applying cutting-the-edge technologies’’, noted Alexey Govzich SPD CEO.

The champion well has one of the best drilling parameters among global operator companies participating in Rushmore Review Benchmarking. The long conductor section of the “champion well”, 1327 m deep, was drilled in mere 66 hours, which in its turn has become a serious time reserve for the entire well construction cycle.

Currently there are over 1065 wells drilled at Salym group of oil fields.

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