The longest well in the entire history of the Salym oilfield development has been drilled at Upper Salym well pad 123. Well with a total length of 4,417 m has been drilled to depth of 2,264 m at 70 degrees angle and 3,425 m outstep, which is the biggest outstep among all SPD wells. The main drilling work was performed by SSK, SPD drilling contractor.

“Successful implementation of Strategy 2020 largely depends on the extent to which we manage to maintain high quality and efficiency in all drilling operations. Today this is twice as relevant since wells get more and more complex, and we have to drill deeper and further. Aligned and consistent work of SPD and contractor employees performing the work at well pad 123 has once again shown that we are capable of drilling some of the world’s best wells, making it quick and efficient. It is important not to become complacent and keep on moving to achieve new records,” – said Blake Stephenson, SPD WE Manager.

Well pad 123 has earlier set another record for the amount of meters drilled in 24 hours in a production section. The SSK crew, working closely together with SPD, Baker Hughes, Baroid, and Burintekh, drilled 1,334 m of production hole in 24 hours.

SPD has drilling over 1,165 wells at the Salym group of oil fields up-to-date. Total length of the wells is over 3,600 km, which is comparable to the distance between Salym and St. Petersburg.

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