The film Thirty First Kilometer depicting the repair work done at the SPD export pipeline took the first place in theInformational Films nomination at the prestigious international corporate films festival Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. The awards ceremony took place in Cannes, France, on 15 October. Sabina Yagizarova, Corporate Affairs Manager, received the award – the Gold Dolphin figurine – from the hands of the festival founder Alexander V. Kammel.

“Our film is the story of fantastic courage, nerves of steel, and unique dedication and commitment of the staff. Every second of this video conveys the tension and energy felt at the company during the time when the pipeline repair work was ongoing. The prestigious award received at the festival in Cannes yet again bears witness to the fact that our team and our company – together with our contractors and shareholders – are the best of the best. We are the best at what we do – be it pipeline repair or shooting a film about it. We are convinced that in the future we will have new victories and new awards”, Sabina Yagizarova pointed out after the ceremony.

The success of the Thirty First Kilometer is a really unique occurrence for SPD and corporate communications of the Russian oil and gas industry on the whole. In the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards contest the SPD’s submission has outdone the films made by leading European companies and big-name advertising agencies. The company completed the entire project from the development of the concept for the film to the very last corrections to the credits using just a small project group working jointly with the production company not involving creative agencies or advertising studios.

Festival participants had the opportunity to submit their works in 37 nominations grouped in 6 categories. This year 772 videos have been submitted to the contest making it a record number in the six years since the festival’s inception. Out of all the submissions the 45 jury members – corporate and mass media professionals, cinema experts, marketing communications specialists, Oscar and Emmy winners – selected video materials to make the shortlist of 152 entries.

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