10 through 14 April Sochi hosted the third All-Russia Occupational Safety and Health Week (VNOT). This large-scale event took place in Sochi’s main media centre and brought together over 11 thousand specialists of the most diverse manufacturing and non-manufacturing areas involved in the areas of occupational safety, employees’ health preservation, improvement of labour conditions.

On 12 April, within the scope of the event, a presentation on the results of safe operations culture development was delivered by Dmitry Kostenko, Labour, Industrial, and Road Safety Manager; and Vladislav Lekomtsev, Field Manager. It is not for the first time that SPD specialists participated in VNOT. This time they acted as speakers and facilitators as well as actively participated in organizational meetings and the event’s Organizing Committee. To a large extent, this influenced preparation of the agenda and the main theme of the VNOT strategic plenary session, Building A Safety Culture Is The Future For Occupational Safety, in which Olga Golodets, Deputy Chair of the RF Government, took part.

Dmitry Kostenko, Labour, Industrial, and Road Safety Manager, said: “Together with Occupational Safety and Health Week organizers, Etalon Association (occupational safety specialists’ association), we have been discussing the issues related to the agenda of the event we were preparing and our vision of relevant topics since November 2016. Within the scope of VNOT, best practices in development and implementation of occupational safety management systems are traditionally considered, and so are the issues of HSSE / risk assessment systems and methodologies, etc. However, as the experience of SPD and other progressive companies in the domain of OSH shows, management systems are secondary, it is the safe operations culture that it primary. Therefore, SPD’s safety achievements were highlighted as an autonomous module of remarks and presentations, whilst forming a safe operations culture has become the key theme for the strategic plenary session of the All-Russia Occupational Safety and Health Week. The title of the strategic session, Building A Safety Culture Is The Future For Occupational Safety, captures the actual situation in this domain. The purpose of SPD’s participation in the event was to promote safe operations culture in Russia. The company’s experience gained in the course of Incident- and Injury-Free program implementation is of substantial interest not only for oil-producing companies but also for the widest range of manufacturing ventures.”

Vladislav Lekomtsev, Field Manager, commented on the event: “Participation in the All-Russia Occupational Safety and Health Week is an opportunity to meet with the widest community, existing and prospective contractors, as well as with the companies whose services SPD inevitably uses within Russia, such as air and railway carriers, etc. And this is certainly an opportunity to influence their safety vision, communicate to them the level of our expectations in this sphere, show the attainability of Goal Zero, contribute to building a safe operations culture in Russia. Judging by the questions that were asked after the remarks were finished, my colleagues and I managed to communicate to the audience the understanding of the fact that any procedures and instructions must be backed by a conscious choice to perform the work safely and by a culture of care. We are open to share our experience. SPD chose the right vector for safe operations culture development.”

Remarks and presentations of SPD representatives about the experience in safe operations culture development in the company attracted a number of listeners the conference hall provided by the organizers could not accommodate.

Following up on the safe operations culture theme, a round table session took place on the issues of leadership as the key factor of operational safety assurance. Participants of the round table session were representatives of SPD shareholder companies: Olivier Lazare, EVP Russia, Shell; Tatiana Bobrovitskaya, General Manager S&E, Shell Russia; Dmitry Chetin, Head of Administration, Gazprom; Oleg Nikolaenko, Head of Operational Safety, Gazprom Neft; as well as representatives of Sakhalin Energy, Caspian Pipeline Consortium, etc.

SPD intends to continue participation in the activities aimed at building and developing a safe operations culture at Russian ventures.

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