"HR-Brand 2011" Award is an independent award that is given every year for the most successful results in employer branding activities. It’s a great recognition of a company as the best employer in business society, among colleagues, experts, clients and candidates. There are 5 nominations in the Award: "World", "Capital", "Region", "Federation" and "North Capital".

This year SPD competed with 79 companies, only 50 of which managed to get into finals. The finalists’ list included such companies as BBDO, Avon, Transaero, Procter & Gamble, Sakhalin Energy, Coca-Cola, MTS, Beeline and many more. In the "Region" nomination SPD outran such giants as Alfa-Bank and Sibur with the Golden Barrel project.

About the Project: in 2011 SPD faced up with unplanned production decrease. In order to motivate employees to create ideas on how to increase production safely the Golden Barrel campaign was initiated. The campaign was also aimed to improve team work among employees from different departments and all in all to decrease the attrition rate.

A worthy award was received by Sabina Yagizarova, SPD CA Manager. "This award is a recognition of all the efforts of all our employees, the recognition of the fact that they work in the company where one’s opinion is equally valued and where the common success depends on the initiatives of each and every employee. – Sabina said. – And the outstanding prove of SPD success is that not only we managed to reach the Golden Barrel goal to meet the production plan but we also succeeded in delivering 2% above plan".

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