• Diversity & Inclusion

    Diversity of the company’s employees, cultures they represent, their experiences, talents, knowledge, creative abilities, and recognition of their individual differences are the foundation of Salym Petroleum’s competitive advantage.

    Since the first days of the Salym project the company has been shaped and developed on the basis of best practices of the shareholder companies in technical and production solutions as well as in personnel management and the creation of a unique corporate culture. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is one of SPD’s cultural foundations.

    What does it mean to us? It means that the company’s employees respect and value any and all of each other’s individual differences as these differences become the foundation for new ground-breaking ideas and solutions.

    DIVERSITY means that colleagues learn to see these differences in all their diversity and transform them into potential for renewal. These differences can include age, gender, ethnicity, way of thinking, religion, socioeconomic differences, physical and non-physical abilities and/or limitations.

    INCLUSION means equal opportunities for all the employees which is underpinned by the establishment in the company a safe, positive environment in which we discover and accept our colleagues’ differences and recognise their value. This inclusive environment sets the foundation for the discovery of each employee’s talents and potential multiplying our combined opportunities; this is how employees’ potential becomes the potential for the development of the company.

    One of the oldest oil and gas industry stereotypes is that oil production is men’s work. The industry, however, employs a vast number of women in geology, seismic exploration, engineering analysis, well engineering, IT, construction engineering, chemicals, finance, law, PR and many other disciplines. To demonstrate the contribution made by women in the development of Salym Petroleum, the region, and the industry as a whole, the Company produced a film called The Way to New Energy. Our film has received an anniversary ConTEKst Award and the shareholder companies’ recognition. Today it continues to inspire women to brave the hardships, to choose their professions and build careers in defiance of the society’s gender stereotypes thus creating a new future without such stereotypes.

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    The company’s female employees performing traditionally men’s tasks are the heroines of the film The Way to New Energy. Aleksandra Donchenkomanages road construction at the Salym Group of Oilfields, Anastasia Musorina optimises operation of wells and surface infrastructure, Fazilya Abdullayevaensures compliance with environmental regulations at the companies’ fields, colleagues Elena Sherishorina and Aleksandra Galtsova work on drilling rigs. Other heroines – residents of the Salym village – Olga Zotova and Olga Golovataya, thanks to SPD’s support, have established and are developing their own companies, making their contribution to prosperity of Salym residents. Looking at successful careers of women at SPD we realised that Head of the Salym Village Administration is and has for many years been a woman – Natalya Akhmetzyanova, the Head of the Nefteyugansk District Administration is a woman too, Galina Lapkovskaya. The whole region KhMAO-Ugra is led by Governor Natalia Komarova. This is, by far, not a complete list of the film’s heroines! Many more stories of women’s professional growth and success remained off-screen, and each one of them is an inspiring example of how women achieve the goals set using not just their professionalism but also non-conflict techniques so typical for women.


    Sabina Yagizarova , SPD Corporate Affairs Manager:
    «As a person of action I know very well that continuous learning is the best investment in yourself. We live in an era when everything rapidly changes, and I am not talking just about technologies and production processes, I am also talking about interpersonal relationships and social institutes. This is why now, more than ever, it is so important to learn all the time, to get new knowledge and new experience. Mastering the Diversity & Inclusion culture is, too, a process of getting new knowledge and using this knowledge in practice. We have to learn to accept the people around us just as they are, and constantly expand the borders of inclusion. This is why our team is actively developing Diversity & Inclusion programs at SPD, and, with the support of the Ugra Governor’s proactive position, we shall be making our contribution in the development of this sphere in the region. We are planning to popularise the inclusive world outlook and train both young and mature energy industry professionals and leaders in applying and implementing this approach in their business teams, companies, and social surroundings.

    SPD is developing a number of programs and initiatives in this sphere, including those for the development of emotional intellect and interpersonal skills. Moreover, we are studying Shell’s experience with their campaign More girls on technical positions.

    And, of course, we are planning to offer courses for students of regional universities and young specialists working in the industry. We want to make it so that women planning to build their careers in the technical sphere do not have to overcome barriers all the time. It is important to us that when they begin their careers they do not have to waste resources on fighting and overcoming prejudices; it is important that they are focused on professional growth and performance and creating value for their companies in the oil and gas industry. I am convinced that in this SPD will serve as an inspirational example.»

    SPD film: «Путь к новой энергии» l The way to new energy
    Russian version

    Англисйская версия

    Видео «Больше девушек на технических должностях», «Шелл»

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