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    Interactive session Friday talk, SPD, 2019.

    Elena Sherishorina, Project Engineer, Completion and Well Intervention, and Grigory Dashkovskiy, Well Engineering Team Lead. Presentation.

    Interactive session Energy of Inclusion, SPD, 2019.


    Video: Ekaterina Kozinchenko, CEO A.T. Kearney Russia, a world’s leading management consulting company.


    Video: Anna Belova, the first in RZD’s history female Deputy Minister for Transport (2001-2004), Advisor to the Head of the Federal Agency on Atomic Energy and the Head of the Industry Committee on the Restructuring of the Nuclear Energy Complex of the RF (2005-2007), member of the Global Future Council, Russian Expert (2018).


    Video: Elena Orlova, , tutor of the European Association of Cultural and Emotionally Intelligence Projects.


    • Interview with Irina Baranova founder of the project Woman ID Community Ekaterina Kozinchenko

     Interview with Tatiana Mitrova: Energy for Life founder of the project >Woman ID Community Ekaterina Kozinchenko

    • Interview with Ph.D. Yanina Dubeykovskaya, the President of the World Communication Forum, the founder of Women Influence Community, an expert in corporate, public and political communications,