• Ethics and compliance

    We have updated the Corporate Ethics Code, which reflects the expectations of our Company, our teams and each of us in this area. The Code is based on the key SPD values, which remain unchanged. They include commitment, honesty, trust, respect, and a unique culture. In this document, we have reflected the principles of business ethics that will help us create proper relations with each other as well as commitments of each of us in the area of compliance.


    Respectful communication
    We treat each other with respect, we never raise our voice. All criticism should be reasonable and friendly. We create and maintain the atmosphere of trust and respect in our team!

    Social responsibility
    We respect our neighbors and contribute to the regional development.

    We are open to new ideas. We keep learning and improving. Never stop learning! Ask more questions! We love questions!

    Care for people
    We urge company employees and contractors to increase personal responsibility for their own safety and safety of their colleagues. We should keep in mind that the lives and health of people is the highest value. We take care of each other, immediately intervene in dangerous situations and stop any action that violates industry safety.

    In case of violation of the ethics standards of the Company, call the Confidence Hotline.