• Careers

    The Salym Project executed by Salym Petroleum Development unveils extensive opportunities to gain diversified experience, apply and develop professional knowledge in all kinds of areas including engineering, advanced oil production technologies, finance, project management, and business organization.

    As a joint venture between two leaders of petroleum industry – Shell and Gazprom Neft – Salym Petroleum Development uses a combination of the best international and Russian practices. As we develop and implement state of the art operating and business technologies which will change the future of petroleum industry tomorrow, we are sure that people are a priceless capital without which it is impossible to move on. Every day we create our own future and that of the company and petroleum industry. Meanwhile, our company does its very best to make the movement towards the common goal as efficient, comfortable, and safe as possible.

    Improving conditions of labour, enhancing motivation of the personnel, expanding the opportunities for learning, development, and professional growth is for us a top priority. We want our employees to become first-class specialists in various fields by gaining a unique experience and maximizing the complete development of their talents and capabilities. The key tool for development of our employees’ best professional qualities and capabilities is the integrated learning and development system that has been developed by SPD on the basis of the unique methodology applied in Shell. Our approach to unveiling an employee’s potential is not a mere formality. We are sure that it is only a specialist who is constantly focused on gaining new skills that is the promise of building a successful future for him- or herself, his or her company, and the entire petroleum industry in an efficient and mutually beneficial manner.

    Not only does Salym Petroleum Development implement new development in its operations – it permanently puts new educational techniques and methodologies into practice. We are active users of the worksite learning system whereby acquisition of theoretical knowledge is followed by applying it in practice. The company solves all educational tasks online on the basis of a unique educational platform – the development management system which makes it possible to fully unveil every employee’s potential.

    We make active use of our shareholders’ learning methodologies. Our WE employees pass the well construction exam which is a common WE standard across Shell. A successful exam makes it possible to go on traineeship at other divisions of the concern. Thus, our colleagues have already tried their strengths and gained practical experience at drilling locations in Oman, Qatar, Libya, and Iraq.

    In 2003, the company had a staff of only 15, out of which expatriates were an overwhelming majority; today, Salym Petroleum Development is 850-strong, with 95% of Russian citizens.

    Salym Petroleum Development today is a united team of professionals solving different tasks but progressing towards a common goal. It is the alignment in the team and its focus on achieving a common result that is the specific feature of our company’s corporate culture and a component of the success of the Salym Project. Russian and international specialists managed to create the team spirit, coordinate the teamwork, and establish efficient partnership relations with contractor entities. Respectful approach towards people, democratic management style, transparency and accessibility of information, mindset towards economy and efficiency, being proud for the results achieved – all of these are the basis for SPD’s unique corporate spit constantly supported and developed by the company.

    As of today, nearly 600 SPD employees work on the frontlines of Salym fields, predominantly on rotational basis. Working in remote areas, in severe climate conditions, away from family and friends creates an additional load and may influence people’s health. Our company pays great attention to the improvement of living conditions on the oilfield. Two residential camps were built on Salym fields, with autonomous air conditioning, power and water supply, and sewage systems. Two-storey buildings have single and twin rooms equipped with landlines and access to Intra- and Internet. Shower, WC, and wash stand have been provided for each two rooms. The buildings have a gym, resting rooms, laundry, work clothes storage and drying room.

    SPD's aspiration is that the company has a staff of capable and talented specialists who would like to grow professionally, reaching their potential, and contribute to the development of the company and petroleum industry. As far as our company is concerned, we take continuous care of our labour conditions so that they were competitive on the labour market and attractive for people through new development opportunities and outlook.

    Please consider that a number of cases when on behalf of SPD frauds offer job to potential candidates increased recently. The aim of such offer is to get money transfer as a kind of advanced payment on travel to future place of employment. In case you received such offers we kindly ask to contact SPD HR Department by phone numbers published at our website to specify vacancies we have.