Corporate Responsibility

Honesty, responsibility, and respect are the fundamental principles of SPD’s activity. We adhere to these principles in all areas of our activity, demonstrating responsible attitude towards employees, partners, counterparts, as well as towards development of the local community and environmental protection.

SPD, seeking to create as comfortable and safe working and resting conditions for the company employees as possible, assumes additional obligations that have not been stipulated by the requirements of the Russian human resource management legislation. Thus, for instance, to ensure employees’ safety within the Salym group of fields, additional traffic arrangement requirements have been imposed. To make employees’ rest more pleasant, a large gym was built on the oilfield; free wireless Internet access network is available within the accommodation camp.

We are as responsible regarding environmental protection issues. The Company’s environmental programs and projects are generated pursuant to the requirements of Russian environmental legislation as well as international environmental standards. SPD actively implements state of the art ‘green’ waste management and associated gas utilization technologies, and continuously optimizes operating processes, seeking to minimize its environmental footprint.

SPD also seeks to make an adequate contribution to solving social issues within the territory of its presence. To this end, the Company closely collaborates with local and regional authorities and community representatives in the implementation of a large-scale social investment program. Over the years of the Salym project execution we used over 750 million roubles to solve the region's social issues. The Company’s priority areas of social investment include projects in the sphere of healthcare, education, small and medium business development, traffic safety, preservation of the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of the North. A new kindergarten, modern medical equipment for the Salym hospital, grants for school students for education in the country’s leading universities are just a few examples of SPD's social activity in the region.