• Safety

    The aspiration of the management team of our company is for people to have not a formal but a conscious and responsible attitude to the issues of labour safety and industrial safety. This is achieved through active involvement of the personnel in solving HSSE issues. All heads of departments have completed special training, they assume personal HSSE obligations including monthly visits to operations facilities with the purpose of speaking with workers and discussing safety issues. Representatives of SPD management team conduct contractor audits to evaluate the results of implementing key initiatives and role of contractor directors in creating safe labour conditions and building a healthy attitude to labour safety and industrial safety rules. All meetings of Company employees start with a discussion of labour safety and industrial safety issues.

    SPD’s industrial safety and labour safety standards equally cover the Company staff and contractor employees. SPD’s goal is to instil safe working culture in everyone who works at Salym project facilities. The company understands that building a culture like this will take more than one day; therefore, our company develops specialist programs and training course the purpose of which is to build a positive attitude towards issues of safety, create a safe working culture, and change the mindsets of the company and contractor employees.

    SPD employs a system of material and moral incentives to encourage safe performance of work (for instance, the Goal Zero Hero program) as well as a system of disciplinary measures and fines for violation of safety rules.

    In order to ensure a successful joint work, SPD management team conducts annual meetings with contractor representatives in order to discuss key safety and labour safety projects and vital tasks, and jointly find ways to solve the most acute problems.

    One of the key HSSE tasks is to enhance competency of the personnel, first of all employees, performing the most important functions in this area: contract holders, heads of subdivisions, safety and labour safety specialists. SPD conducts leadership safety audit for the Company’s management team, heads of subdivisions, and senior specialists, as well as for managers of contractors employed on the Salym oilfield. We seek to make managers’ visits to work sites a regular daily practice, and ensure maximum coverage of the entire oilfield territory and all organizations. The work towards enhancing SPD employees’ risk management qualifications is ongoing.

    In order to enhance safety of all types of work performed by our Company employees and contractors within the scope of the Salym project, we have been executing the Safety Days program since 2007. The key topic of such annual events is compliance with HSSE rules.

    SPD HSSE Induction passed by every employee working at the territory of Salym group of oil fields as well as by every visitor.

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