• Goal Zero Heroes

    SPD seeks to reward work teams and individual employees for compliance with HSSE rules and building a safe operations culture on the Salym group of fields.

    Since 2007, our company has been implementing the Goal Zero Hero program for individually rewarding employees for safety behaviour and personal contribution to the improvement of working conditions and environmental protection. Within the scope of the program, conditions were created for efficiently rewarding employees on individual basis for their efforts and particular contribution to ensuring safety.

    Any SPD employee can nominate a colleague or a contractor employee for being awarded this honorary title for compliance with the company's rules. Then heads of subdivisions select the most deserving ones to be awarded a Goal Zero Hero diploma and badge as well as a gift certificate.

    During the period of the Goal Zero Hero program implementation, over 900 SPD and contractor employees have been awarded this title. Laureates’ photos are posted on information boards in operations and offices areas and on the company’s Intranet site.

    The program covers both SPD and contractor personnel. It is very important for us that the program makes it possible to involve contractors in the process of building a safe working culture. We actively assist and support contractors and subcontractors for issues related to HSSE management system improvement.