• Road Safety

    Road safety is an important element of the labour safety measures implemented by SPD. The company has developed a road safety Master Plan, which focuses on several priority areas.

    SPD improves the qualifications of all drivers, including those from contractor companies. Defensive driving courses have been implemented, which cover driving skills and techniques to reduce the probability of road incidents and enhance road safety. The focus of the classes is on the main rules of a safe driving behaviour, the need to constantly assess the situation on the road and predict its development, comply with the existing rules and have safety features installed on transportation vehicles.

    All vehicles and crew buses should have seatbelts in the Salym field, and the seatbelt rules have been strictly enforced. SPD infield maximum speed limit is 40 km per hour. The speed limit on the federal highway is 80 km per hour and for heavy vehicles, 60 km per hour. SPD has a road traffic monitoring team that control road safety in the oilfield roads 24 hours a day. A satellite-based monitoring system is installed on all SPD vehicles, which provides information on the position and driving parameters of vehicles and sends this to the computers of the road traffic monitoring team. This provides important feedback to the drivers on those aspects of their driving behaviour that have to be improved.

    SPD is now implementing a more efficient journey management system and higher safety standards for the vehicles. The vehicles are replaced with new ones on a regular basis, and all vehicles must undergo periodic technical inspections. Each working day, a driver starts with a medical check, and he is not allowed to start work without the doctor’s permission.

    All these measures combine to reduce the number of traffic accidents. At the same time, SPD and contractor personnel are aware that the focus of their attention should be on the people who drive the vehicles as the main safety factor in this work.