• Business Security

    The publicity and business reputation of Salym Petroleum Development N.V. (SPD) can become the source of 'intentions' for various fraudulent schemes. In particular, websites with names that are concordant or similar to the domain name www.salympetroleum.ru (e.g. www.salympetroleum.su, salympetroleum.net, etc.) have been registered and may be operational on the Internet. Title pages of such sites may be a full duplicate of the content and design of SPD's official website located at www.salympetroleum.ru.

    SPD has nothing in common with registration, creation, and operation of sites like these, nor does it assume any responsibility for the content of these sites, for any consequences of using information from these sites, or for usage of anyone’s trademarks on these sites. We strongly advise our customers and partners to only use the information from SPD’s official site located on the Internet at www.salympetroleum.ru.

    Moreover, within the scope of fraudulent schemes, you may receive various favorable offers on behalf of SPD including draft contracts or samples of filling out commodity purchase requests along with bank reference. Therefore, SPD officially informs you that it does not enter into any contractual relations by correspondence (without partner or contractor representatives being present) under any circumstances, nor does it engage in correspondence, send offers, or provide guarantees to counterparts against e-mailed documents. Prior to signing the contract, SPD never requests any funds transfer as payment for certain services or work, nor any payment of pledge or retainer for the contemplated tenders to be conducted.

    SPD shall not hold materially responsible for the above-mentioned fraudulent acts, and strongly advises to ignore dubious business offers and in no event transfer any funds in return.

    In order to ensure security and warn potential counterparts, SPD gathers information about common fraudulent schemes. If you have come to know about such fraudulent activities, please inform us immediately at Russia, 123242, Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard 31, 6th Floor, or use the feedback form on our site.

    Regarding the facts of fraud, you should contact law enforcement authorities within the Russian Federation legislative framework if required.