• Social Investment

    Since the very first days of the Salym project, SPD has been trying to meet those expectations and contribute to the social and economic development of the region. When considering a project, the company is guided by the principle of sustainable development, a combination of efficient operations, protection of the environment and attention to social issues. SPD believes that sustainable development plays a crucial role in the successful realization of the Salym project. Therefore, the company maintains a balance of the business, environmental and social factors in the short-term and long-term perspective to address the interests of all stakeholders i.e. employees, shareholders, government and society.

    The SPD core activity of producing oil provides the greatest contribution to the sustainable social and economic development of the region. The company’s tax payments go to the regional and federal budgets of Russia. Over the first years of commercial production in 2005-2010, SPD paid more than USD 3 billion in taxes.

    The development of the Salym group of fields creates new jobs, and opens up prospects for the local businesses. Local companies supply metal structures and timber to SPD, and provide construction, transportation and maintenance services in the camps. More than 15% of all orders are awarded to contractors from the Nefteyugansk district.

    SPD started to address local social issues by looking at the situation in the village of Salym, the largest populated settlement in the vicinity of the Salym group of fields (about 10,000 inhabitants). A study of the impact of the Salym development on the social and natural environment, conducted in 2003, started a dialog with the authorities at all levels as well as the local communities. Those contacts helped set the priorities for SPD’s contribution to the social programmes of Salym for the near future: help the development of health care, school and pre-school education, the village social infrastructure and small business. With time, the scope of the company’s social programmes was extended to embrace other near-by settlements, including Sentyabrsky, Samsonovka, Sivys Yakh and also Khanty-Mansiysk and the Nefteyugansk district as a whole.

    Since 2003, a public committee, including representatives from SPD, the local authorities and public, has started holding regular sessions which focus on the status of SPD social projects and plans for the future. Also, every year, the company’s senior management meets with the local residents in an Open Forum, where SPD representatives present the status of the project, explain possibilities of getting a job there, and describe social projects that have been implemented and the company’s plans for the future, followed by a Q&A session.

    The company wants to better know the opinion of the local residents as it chooses new targets for its social investment. At the end of each year, SPD holds a contest, where organizations in Salym and adjacent areas can propose investment projects on a competitive basis within priority areas defined by SPD. SPD will then jointly with the public committee evaluate the proposals and make the financing decision. To support the contest, SPD had set up training for local organizations to be better aware of such issues as territory development, social design and work within local communities, and help promote innovative thinking. Over the years, winning projects included winter gardens in schools, a local history museum, road safety training grounds in secondary schools, young friends of traffic police programme, Raduga (Rainbow) summer camp for children from disadvantaged families, a programme to preserve the traditional culture of the northern ethnic groups, a school archaeological expedition, a school forestry project, and a comprehensive drug awareness programme. The company is confident that such approach will help identify the most pressing needs for social investment and use the available financial resources to the maximum benefit.

    SPD pursues its social activity in close interaction with the administration of the Nefteyugansk district and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, as well as the local authorities. The parties execute formal cooperation agreements, which identify priority areas for SPD’s investment in the region. The first such agreement with the Government of KhMAO-Yugra was executed for a period of one year in 2005, the next one was for three years and was signed in 2006. In 2008 the parties signed a five-year agreement for the period from 2009 to 2013 that was followed by another one in 2013. Total social investment in the region made around 1 bln rubles.