• Biodiversity

    The “biodiversity” concept was first propounded at the UN Stockholm Conference in 1952. 20 years after, at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro many countries including Russia signed the Convention on Biological Diversity. The states assumed responsibility for protection of animate nature and elaborated a Global Diversity Strategy aimed to ensure survival of threatened animal and plant species.

    Western Siberia is an ancient treasury of natural resources. KhMAO is a major oil-and-gas producing region of the Russian Federation, but its no less precious assets are flora and fauna, endless forests, realm of fur animals and birds, water bodies teeming with valuable fishes and numerous rare plants. Conservation of this natural wealth of biodiversity depends not only on the region residents but also on the companies operating here.

    We take care of the unique natural reserves of KhMAO and aim at minimizing our activities impact on the Salym Territory environment. A serious attitude to natural environment is a key requirement Salym Petroleum applies to its employees and contractors. We have elaborated rules covering treatment of nature within the Salym Territory banning pollution of soil and natural waters with industrial and household wastes, unauthorized tree felling, cross-country passage of vehicles, net and seine fishing, hunting, collection of wild plants, making fire, etc.

    Professional biodiversity analysis enables efficient evaluation of the environment condition and permissibility of technogenic impact thereon. Commissioned by out Company, environmental scientists from Surgut University undertook a survey of flora and fauna within the West Salym and Upper Salym oilfields. Apart from animal population observation the researchers spotted multiple rare plant species including those possessing unique properties. Thus, lungwort growing in the Salym forests turned out a reliable indicator of the territory environmental welfare, being extremely sensitive to atmospheric air pollution. We communicated the survey findings not only to employees of our Company but also to Salym high school students.

    Lungwort (Lobaria pulmonaria) is a Lobariaceae family lichen. In Russia it is widely characteristic of Western and Eastern Siberia, the Ural region and the Far East. It is listed in the Red Book. Grows in old-aged forests on trunks of deciduous (seldom – coniferous) trees, sometimes – on moss-covered rocks. Limiting factors: deforestation, wood fires, thallome collection for medical purposes, air pollution.

    We gladly support conservation initiatives of the younger generation. There is Muraveynik (Ant-Hill) school forestry having operated under the Salym forest farm for some years already. The children undertake surveys of water, air and soil within a 200 ha territory. We have purchased a research laboratory for the young scientists and financially assist them in office equipment and literature procurement. Additionally, the Company supports the children’s participation in seminars and workshop conferences. We attach major importance to conservation campaigns of national and international scale. We sponsor the KhMAO annual conservation action Save and Preserve. The action is aimed at shaping an environmentally-oriented public opinion. It involves discussion of urgent problems of nature management, environmental protection and environmental safety, arrangement of topical competitions, exhibitions, a scientific forum, etc. Within the framework of the action All-Russian Workshop Conference Environmental Education and Awareness-Raising for Sustainable Development is organized with the participation of our Company. The Conference delegates discuss the environmental policy of Russia, social partnership in environmental education, role of mass media and libraries in the population environmental awareness-raising and other issues.

    Our objective is to ensure that projects implemented by SPD are well-balanced in terms of economic, environmental and social factors. We are sure that it is combination of the three sustainable development components (production effectiveness, environmental protection and concern of social welfare) that is critical for successful operation of the Company in KhMAO.