• Entrepreneurship Development

    SPD implements multiple projects aimed at support of entrepreneurial initiative within the Salym Territory. We are sure that small businesses development and private entrepreneurship will enable the Salym economy diversification, creation of employment and considerable improvement of the region socioeconomic condition.

    The Salym fields development opens new opportunities for the local business and creates employment for the local population. SPD actively cooperates with local entrepreneurs. Salym and Nefteyugansk companies supply metalware and saw timber to SPD, provide construction, cargo transportation and amenity facilities maintenance services. Since the project launch SPD has spent over USD 210 mln on procurement of goods and services from the local suppliers and contractors. To support local entrepreneurship our Company funds a program for local entrepreneurs’ preferential microcrediting. The program is being implemented by the Nefteyugansk branch of Yugra entrepreneurship support fund. The fund loans entrepreneurs sums of money up to 500 thousand RUR at 6.5% annually. Additionally, the fund provides free consulting on taxation and legal issues for entrepreneurs. We are sure that that program will enable many residence of Salym become self-reliant enough to actively develop proprietary businesses.

    Of major importance is also actualization of talents of young citizens of Siberia just launching upon search for their way in life. Nowadays, when young people are mostly left to themselves, we try to get them interested in the idea of choosing a future profession. For this purpose Career and Entrepreneurship creative works competition is annually held in Salym and Sentyabrsky apart from business games aimed at development of basic business management skills. The competition winners are entitled to take a one-day internship at our Company’s production sites and take part in Young Businessman training session developing business and communicative skills. During internship each student is coached by a mentor who is a specialist in the corresponding field. The mentors tell their wards of the Company’s production activities, field facilities operation and one’s occupation specificity. Additionally, the Company funds an apprenticeship program enabling young residents of Salym to acquire oil-and-gas sector working qualifications. Some of the best apprentices have been hired by our Company upon their training completion.

    We are sure that distribution of information of our activities among the region population will intensify interaction between the Company and the community. Our work with the youth is targeted for the same effect and intended to assist young residents of Siberia in taking a decision on future occupation choice as well as in successful self-actualization in life.

    Since 2009 Business Battle University virtual company management cup contest is arranged by specialists of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and hosted by Yugra State University. In the course of the competition students try their hand at business strategy planning, managerial decision taking and competition analysis. Such business games enable young people to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge, skills and strength of character.

    Support of the local population entrepreneurial initiative is a pre-condition for sustainable development of the Salym region, a bridge to the common success our Company is building jointly with the territory residents.