• Culture & Sports

    We are genuinely concerned of cultural heritage preservation. For several years our Company has participated in projects for preservation of the traditional culture of the Salym Territory indigenous nations. We try to preserve and develop the Khanty people traditional crafts and publish info materials on the local people’s customs. Our Company supports the children expedition to Sorovskiye Lakes and the Kintus archeological children camp. We gladly sponsor the Golden Tambourine annual international TV program and film festival. The key idea of the venue is preservation of ancestral traditions and spiritual revival as presented by contemporary TV artists in their works.

    SPD annually supports the Spirit of Fire International debut film festival which has become an important component of Western Siberia cultural life. Demonstrated to the festival guests, with the KhMAO residents among them, are brand-new works of Russian and foreign cinema created by famous directors and actors. We also contribute to organization and arrangement of the Yugra international music festival traditionally held within the framework of the Yugra Black Gold competition.

    Western Siberia theatrical traditions date back to the 18th century when in the reign of Peter I, the first “theater play” was staged in Tobolsk (1705). In 1794, in the same city the first Siberian public theatre was opened, its construction having been sponsored by the merchant Trenin, a patron of arts (previously theatrical performances had been staged exclusively at aristocratic homes for a limited audience). Alexander Alyabyev, a native of Tobolsk and father of the famous composer A.A. Alyabyev, participated in the theatre building design.

    Our Company appreciates local talents. For several years we have patronized the Salym Azbuka Zhizni (ABC of Life) theatre studio. We financially provided for the Dance Avenue pop dancing studio participation in the Russian national competition festival of children and youth creativity. SPD allocated considerable funds for purchase of cutting-edge equipment for the Siyaniye Severa (Aurora Borealis) culture and leisure center hosting concerts, artistic exhibitions, local crafts displays and meetings as well as multiple clubs and studios. Every year our Company supports over 40 cultural and sporting events territorially. Among them are the Biathlon World Cup stage in KhMAO, the Chess World Cup, the annual chess tournament named after A. Karpov, the annual sailing regatta for the Nefteyugansk District Cup.

    Decision on arrangement of the 2010 World Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk was taken at the FIDE congress in Turin (Italy). The right to host the competition was won by Russia through competition with Argentina, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro and Estonia. The recent Chess Olympiad took place in 2008 in Dresden (Germany). It was taken part in by players from 147 countries of the world.

    Developing sport projects, we aim not only to support sportsmen but also to involve all residents of Salym in sporting activities. Thus, the Company assists Salym high school students attending the yacht class in purchase of equipment, outfit and yachts. We support the annual For a Healthy Lifestyle competition actively participated by local citizens and our Company employees. The Company has funded a project for organization of active leisure and sporting activities of elderly single residents of Salym. To promote mass sport we have purchased skiing camps intended for the Salym and Sentyabrsky village settlements. We are sure that cultural and sporting festivals promote reputation of KhMAO as a modern fast-moving region where concern of cultural heritage and the population physical education is an essential value.