• Health

    Support of public health care system in outlying territories of Russia is a task complicated and therefore the more important. Out of the Company’s fund medical and computer equipment for the Salym village local hospital was purchased. Cutting-edge devices have been provided for the dentistry, gynecology, surgery and ophthalmology suites, the ambulance service and the laboratory having equally been fitted out with the equipment required. Now residents of the Salym village and the neighboring populated localities can receive state-of-the-art, high quality medical aid.

    By early 19th century competent medical service had been as virtually unavailable in Siberia. Then the state of things began to gradually change. In 1802 the Government vested functions of doctors with Orthodox priests with popular medical guidelines distributed to churches. It was only in the second half of the 19th century that first clinics appeared in Siberia.

    We do not only supply modern equipment to the local hospital but also give the doctors an opportunity to improve their theoretical knowledge and professional skills. Supported by our Company, over 30 specialists of the Salym hospital have taken further training courses in dressing pre-hospitalization first and emergency medical aid. Additionally, a cycle of studies were arranged for medical officers dedicated to infectious diseases and infection control. The doctors participated in discussions of such topics as infection security in Russia and globally and dangerous infections immanent in the present-day world, touching upon the problems of acute viral hepatitis and AIDS diagnostics.

    A particular fundamental project launched by the Company within the framework of the medical officers’ further vocational training program was support of a series of events devoted to Disaster medicine. In order to drill the skills of coordinated action in an emergency situation a training session was arranged for the Salym hospital employees including a theoretical part and on-hand field exercises. The session was organized under conditions simulating those of an emergency situation, a traffic accident scenario having been specially elaborated for it. In the course of training advanced educational technologies were applied and unique simulator dummies used. The doctors had at their disposal various means for transport immobilization and portage of the injured. A role-play was organized featuring instructors of training center Perm Territorial School of Disaster Medicine; discussion topics included Medical Aspect of Mass Destruction Cases and First and Emergency Medical Aid in an Emergency Situation.

    Apart from arranging social events related to medical officers’ further vocational training our Company has allocated funds for employees of the Salym hospital and school-leavers to be able to receive medical education at higher and high vocational educational institutions and medical academies.

    We are sure that our efforts aimed at support of the Salym region healthcare system will improve quality of medical aid received by the population. Our objective is to ensure that the quality of medical aid offered to residents of Salym and the neighboring populated localities is equal to that available to citizens of Russian megapolises.