Contractor Management System

Salym Petroleum Development predominantly awards contracts on the basis of tenders with the purpose of ensuring fair competitive environment and proper quality of services and materials procured.

In the course of the tender, the following procedure is applied:

Salym Petroleum Development conducts a market research, following the results of which it sends information letters to potential participants of the tender.

In order to participate in the tender, a contractor submits an application on a corporate letterhead stating the subject of the tender and contact details for exchange of correspondence.

In case a contractor has no experience of work with SPD, it is offered to pass a pre-qualification for further participation in the tender.

At this stage, the contractor provides its information by way of filling out the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (link to the document), documents of association, and other documents at the company’s request. SPD evaluates the potential contactor’s work experience, resources, and HSSE risk management system. Subject to successful pre-qualification, an Invitation to Make Offers including detailed instructions for tender participants, is sent to the contractor.

All tender participants’ offers must be submitted strictly by the offer submission deadline as determined in the Invitation. SPD, at its sole discretion, may alter the offer submission deadline. Tender offers received after the submission deadline and after opening other offers (opening the tender) shall not be considered. Such tender offers are registered with the wording ‘received after opening the tender’.

Tender offers must be delivered directly to the Tender Board Secretary.

Tender offers must be valid within at least 90 days after the offer submission deadline stated in the Invitation to Make Offers.

The company sends invitations to make offers with a full intention to award a Contract / Purchase Order. In doing so, SPD reserves the right not to award the Contract / Purchase Order and may revoke invitations to make offers under the following conditions:

  • any operational changes in the Company;
  • prices offered exceed the Company’s estimate calculated or budget approved, and have been deemed to be unacceptably high;
  • the market does not display a sufficient interest to the tender;
  • unlawful act on behalf of the tender participant(s) which can impair the tender process.

SPD shall not be held responsible nor accountable for the expenses related to preparing and submitting a tender offer irrespectively of the nature (form) of conducting the tender and results thereof.