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    Occupational safety is the subject of paramount attention for SPD. The company’s management team discusses key health, safety, and environment issues at regular meetings with contractor representatives.

    Health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE) issues are among the most important performance indicators in the activities of Salym Petroleum Development N.V. (SPD) and its business partners in the development of the Salym group of fields. The priority task of the business cooperation is the achievement of the common goal: working with no harm to people and the environment. A successful achievement of this goal will be the common contribution of the companies operating on the Salym project to the achievement of high industrial safety performance within and outside Russia.

    In order to ensure a unified strategy for contractor and subcontractor management, development and implementation of common standards and unified requirements, SPD has been conducting regular top level meetings between SPD managers and contractors’ senior executives since 2007.

    SPD senior executives’ and contractors’ forums dedicated to HSSE issues are a unique opportunity for contractors performing high and medium risk work on Salym fields to participate in HSSE management together with SPD.

    The forum agenda is determined by Contractor Coordination Council. Members of the Coordination Council are representatives of 10+ contractors, out of which five companies are permanent Coordination Council members. Such an approach to determining the forum agenda makes it possible to fully reflect HSSE management issues which are the most relevant ones for contractors, and allows SPD to respond to these issues in a timely manner by implementing new initiatives.

    Within the scope of the forums, HSSE issues are covered from the point of view of accomplishing SPD’s tasks for the current year, taking into account aspects like contractor and subcontractor HSSE management, traffic safety, worksite safety, asset integrity, and process safety. The lessons learned from accidents and opportunities to prevent dangerous situations are discussed in interactive discussion formats.