In August 2021, Salym Petroleum achieved the milestone of 5 million meters drilled since the start of Salym project development. To get to the 5 million meters, the Company has drilled 1543 wells, 1500 of which have been handed over to commercial operation.

The 5 million milestone was achieved during horizontal well construction in the Vadelyp field. The Vadelyp field was discovered in 1989; the Company started its commercial development in 2003. At the initial stage, development of the Salym group of oil fields included Upper Salym, West Salym and Vadelyp fields. The Company started building infrastructure– roads, field tanks, the rotation camp, warehouses, electric power transmission lines; and commenced its drilling program simultaneously. The SPD license portfolio currently includes obligations on geological studies at South Yamskoy, East Shapshinsky 1 and Salymsky 2 license areas.

5 million meters of penetration is a distance equivalent to Moscow to Salym and back. It is not just a round figure for SPD team, it is a meaningful confirmation of the project’s dynamic development from 2003 to 2021 despite the challenges and complications connected with the continuously changing external economic environment.

Yves SlagmulderSPD Well Engineering Manager: “SPD went through an impressive continuous improvement journey, delivering wells safely and faster than anyone thought possible, while drilling more and more complex wells. Importantly, not only the drilling performance improved, the cost performance has also gotten better and better; SPD sets the benchmark for cost/m drilled. To be competitive and unlock new horizons we continue pushing the boundaries and drive our cost down, together with our partners we are developing a Culture of competitiveness in order to achieve the best results.”

The milestone of 5 million meters drilled since the start of Salym project development has been achieved through efficient and safe team-work of Salym Petroleum and its contractors involved in developing the Salym group of oil fields, i.e.:

  • Salym Petroleum – project management and supervising;

  • KCA Deutag Russia – drilling contractor;

  • SSK – drilling contractor;

  • Baker Hughes – directional drilling and telemetry;

  • Halliburton – cementing operations, support of Baroid drilling muds;

  • Burintech – drilling bit support. 

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