Cederic Cremers, Country Chair Shell Russia, and Alexey Govzich, SPD CEO visited the Salym group of oil fields. During their two-day visit Shell and SPD managers went to SPD key production facilities to supervise in detail the ongoing operations and to talk with SPD employees and contractors on worksites. Cederic Cremers and Alexey Govzich paid key attention to HSSE: they asked workers about working conditions, possible worksite hazards, and ways of their minimization.

Besides drilling rig and dehydration plant Cederic Cremers and Alexey Govzich visited an associated petroleum gas processing plant operated by BerezkaGaz Yugra (Monolit) atWest Salym and held a meeting with its management. Alexey Kirsanov, Director General of BerezkaGaz Yugra, told how the fruitful cooperation between the companies enabled SPD to utilize associated petroleum gas at a world-class level of more than 98%.

During the field visit Alexey Govzich ran two staff communication sessions: at CPF Operations Base for SPD staff, and at G-5 for contractors. At the meetings, he summarized SPD preliminary performance in 2017, talked about the company’s priorities and perspectives for 2018 and answered employees’ questions. During his presentation and Q&A’s session SPD CEO emphasized the significance of safe operations at Salym oil fields that built on respect and care as well as on full compliance with safety rules.

Concluding their visit, Shell and SPD leaders went to Salym village and met with Natalya Akhmetzyanova, Head of Salym Village. She told them about Salym and SPD cooperation in social area, including delivering various projects in safety, healthcare, education, environment, etc. Together with her Cederic Cremers and Alexey Govzich visited the Ulybka kindergarten constructed by SPD in 2006. At the local cultural center, the guests got to see the performance of Khanti Moshch theater. This family theater actively promotes the culture of local indigenous people called Khanty and SPD gladly supports its activity on a regular basis within its social investment program.

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