On September 2, in anticipation of the Day of Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Workers, results of the annual regional competition, Black Gold of Yugra, were summarized in Khanty-Mansiysk. At a formal award ceremony, Natalia Komarova, Governor of KhMAO – Yugra, handed out awards to region’s oil companies that won in the competition.

It has already become a tradition for SPD to be recognized in this contest. This year, the company won 5 diplomas in this regional competition, thus confirming its status of a socially responsible and dynamically developing company.

SPD came 2nd in The Most Dynamically Developing Vertically Integrated Company in KhMAO in 2019 nomination and 3rd in the nomination For Social and Economic Partnership among Companies Whose Annual Production Volume in KhMAO Exceeded 5 Million Tons in 2019. Artem Cheremnykh, Head of Field Operations at SPD, received the awards from the Governor of Yugra.

Not only corporate achievements but also employees’ successes were recognized. For instance, Ilnur Nabiullin, Process Compressor Operator 4th Category, became the winner in the personal nomination – Best Process Compressor Operator in KhMAO in 2019. Ilnur has worked in the oil industry since 2009 and at SPD, since 2014. He took active part in starting up and commissioning a series of key facilities and is assigned with a wide scope of responsibilities. He has submitted suggestions on improvement and optimization of processes at the power generation plant and gas treatment and transport processes multiple times. Ilnur is one of the leaders of safe work performance in the territory of the power generation plant and a reliable mentor for young professionals.

Andrey Latyntsev, CPF Operator (Desalination & Dehydration) 5th Category, was awarded with a prize for taking the 2nd place in the Best Oil Treatment and Transport Operator in KhMAO in 2019 nomination. He has worked in the oil industry since 1997 and at SPD, since 2015. Andrey took active part in starting up and commissioning an air cooler for oil and a separation plant at the pilot ASP project and in upgrading the central processing facility. He has submitted a suggestion on improving the process of off-spec oil treatment and maintaining the free capacity of off-spec tank at the optimal level; he initiated a proposal on installing the pipeline for prompt discharge of produced water from the central processing facility’s tank farm in case of contingencies.

Viktor Oslin, Oil and Gas Production Operator 4th Category, took the 3rd place in the Best Oil and Gas Production Operator nomination. Viktor has worked in the oil industry since 1987 and at Salym Petroleum, since 2004. He participated in putting the first well in the Salym group of oil fields on stream, and also in commissioning a key infrastructure facility – the Central Processing Facility (CPF). Besides, he directly participated in putting on stream 8 well pads in the West Salym field and 3 well pads in the Vadelyp field. The well stock operated by Viktor currently yields 9,030 m3/day of fluid.

Sabina Yagizarova, Corporate Affairs Department Manager: «SPD has been making a significant contribution towards sustainable social and economic development of Ugra and improvement of Ugra residents’ quality of life since the first day of its activity in the region. Our company is a reliable partner of the Government of the Okrug and intends to continue implementing joint socially significant projects in education, healthcare, environment, safety, culture and other areas. Implementation of sustainable development principles is crucial for success of the whole Salym project».

Michael Collins, CEO: «Awards in Black Gold of Yugra regional competition based on the results of production performance in the previous year are an objective measurement of company’s operation and a confirmation of its dynamic development and confident movement towards achieving the established goals in safety, financial efficiency and technologies. It is symbolic that on the eve of our professional holiday we are getting ready to celebrate another important milestone – 1,500 drilled wells in the Salym group of oil fields. We are continuing to develop the resource base and drive company’s digital transformation, which will enable us to overcome the challenges of the time and implement our key projects. I am certain that we can achieve extraordinary results and SPD can become the best company of the region and an industry leader».

>>> Black Gold of Yugra regional competition has been held annually since 2003; it is organized by Department of Subsoil Use and Natural Resources of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra. SPD has participated in this competition since 2005 and over the past years has received a number of awards across various nominations, including: ‘For Efficient Work with Subsoil Resources’, ‘For Cooperation with Indigenous Population’, ‘For Social and Economic Partnership’ and ‘The Most Dynamically Developing Enterprise’. Professionalism of SPD employees has also been recognized by the jury of Black Gold of Ugra competition multiple times.


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