On October 20, Salym Petroleum held the annual HSSE Forum with its contractors working at the Salym Group of Fields.

The Forum took place in the online format. This time more than 100 participants supported the event, including SPD managers, CEOs of contracting companies and contract holders.

The goal of the Forum was to express appreciation and gratitude to the SPD partners for their flexibility in the face of external economic challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mikhail Kovalev, HSSE Manager: ”For a long time our company has been developing partner relations with the contractors involved in the Salym Petroleum Project. Owing to the continuous dialogue, we are achieving success, overcoming difficulties and putting together plans for the future. Communication within the framework of the traditional forum strengthens our mutual understanding, and helps evaluate our goals, tasks and resources required for their fulfilment. This time we were focusing on the gratitude. Appreciation of what our partners have accomplished in the face of external challenges and ever-changing economic reality is the cornerstone of our plans for the future”.

Every member of the SPD team said a word of gratitude to partner companies for their commitment to the Salym Project principles, contribution to the Safety Culture, improved efficiency, better communication, their care for the staff operating in the prolonged shift mode and many other initiatives that help keep up a good pace of project implementation and prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection in the field.

Another important goal of the Forum was to familiarize contractor managers with the 4 Cultures, inherent at SPD and to create an image of a new type of leader. SPD managers illustrated the 4 Cultures in their presentations. Additionally, the Forum participants saw video messages of contractor representatives, who on their own personal examples contributed to the long-standing development of our corporate cultures. Contract holders made a point of emphasizing the role of those participants.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus restrictions the participants could not meet in person. Nevertheless, the online format made the communication as interesting and full as ever. This time the forum kicked off with the exchange of the key impressions on life and work in the time of the pandemic. Many participants noted that those difficulties brought about not only fatigue and stress, but also interesting challenges and opportunities.

Michael Collins, SPD CEO opened the Forum. Maxim Vysotsky, SPD Finance and Commercial Manager talked about the target financial indicators of the project and the need to work together on the financial effectiveness. Maxim Novikov, Deputy Director, Oil and Gas Sector Development, Head of the KhMAO-Ugra Department of Subsurface Use and Natural Resources also made his presentation. He focused on the Best Results Culture, crucial for the development of mature oilfields requiring innovations and non-standard approaches to business process efficiency and project management.

Jan-William Jacobs presented the risk management culture, highlighting the importance of planning. The Forum participants fully supported his idea that communication, an open approach and a long-term contracting are contributing to this culture.

Mikhail Kovalev illustrated the culture of business process organization and inspection, emphasizing the importance of the clearly defined and simple processes. Their effectiveness is under continuous scrutiny to help identify areas for improvement. Mikhail pointed out that this culture is closely linked to the Best Results Culture. To illustrate this idea he gave specific examples of the cases, the HSE Department is working on, including discontinuation of outdated principles, simplification of in-house training, and the use of remote methods of work during inspections and audits.

Danil Timoshenko presented the Company’s underlying culture, the Culture of Care. He noted that the Company together with the contractors has been actively working and implementing measures to ensure safe work in the adverse pandemic conditions. Even now, fatigue and anxiety are taking their toll on the work of our colleagues. Therefore, it is extremely important that the managers support their staff, be in close contact with them and show care. Danil suggested that all participants work in teams and share best practices in the Culture of Care. The team members were proposing their ideas. Although the discussions were frank, many participants highlighted that the open dialogue, gratitude, safety culture competitions and sports events can have a significant impact on this culture.

Wrapping up the event, SPD CEO outlined the competencies, required for business development in the situation of continuously changing external challenges. Those include change management, involvement, conflicting dilemmas, timely planning, innovation culture, continuous training and development and care for the colleagues.

Alexey Nefedov, Director General of OOO Energostroimontazh: "The forum is a unique opportunity to cover the most relevant areas in HSSE management. develop timely response to the issues in those areas and suggest initiatives aimed at efficiency improvement of the processes ensuring safety of work and personnel motivation to achieve Goal-Zero. The information shared at the Forum has a direct impact on further development of the HSE culture of Energostroimontazh. I thank SPD for an open dialogue".

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