On March 3-4, 2018 Khanty-Mansiysk hosted the IV-th Professional Skill Contest among Reindeer-Breeders of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region - Yugra for Yugra Governor Cup supported for the 4-th time running by Salym Petroleum Development N.V. (SPD). 22 reindeer breeders participated in the Contest representing Khanty-Mansi, Surgut, Nizhnevartov, Berezov and Beloyar Districts.

The Contest site - Equestrian Center turned into a real nomad camp with authentic Northern unicity and unique lifestyle of the Northern indigenous people. "It is remarkable that the Autonomous Region hosts such unique, colorful, sports competitions among reindeer-breeders. They are the strongest in spirit people of Yugra. This holiday, everyday work of reindeer-breeders and those who supports preserving ethnic culture, lifestyle of the Northern indigenous peoples is a vivid example of national harmony and unity", highlighted Lyudmila Alferova, Yugra Salvation Public Organization President.

On the first day of the Contest the jury assessed reindeer-breeders’ operation performance and knowledge in reindeer anatomy, physiology, zoological hygiene, animal breeding. On the second day reindeer-sledge race, ski race and lasso-throwing competitions took place. Reindeer-sledge race and ski race were performed not on traditional straight track but 400 meters circle. Four sharp bend significantly complicated task for riders and reindeers, however made the competition more spectacular.

The jury used 100 scoring system assessing reindeer-breeders’ racing time and technical skills of sledge managing, skiing. Absolute Champions in overall ranking became the reindeer-breeders Ivan Popov from Beloyar District and Lidiya Pokacheva from Surgut District. They were awarded with the Contest top prizes - snowmobiles. During the event the contests for "Best Chum", "Best Harness" and "Best Ethnic Foods" were also performed.

"Preserving culture and traditions of Arctic indigenous peoples is one of our Company’s social investments priorities. SPD makes decent contribution supporting such events, because they are very important for understanding Yugra indigenous people mentality, history, traditions, culture and aimed at their preservation and development", said SPD Corporate Affairs Department Advisor Margarita Sukhinina at the awarding ceremony.

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