In November, a new performance level was achieved for “days per 1,000 meters drilled” indicator during construction of one of wells in the South Hub: 2.65 days / 1,000 m, while the target indicator for the current year is 3.85 days / 1,000 m. As a result, a horizontal well was drilled in less than 10 days for the first time in the history of the Salym project. The well with the final bottomhole depth of 3,660 m (along hole) was drilled in 9.7 days, which is 1.15 days ahead of schedule.

This kind of performance was achieved due to orchestrated teamwork of SPD employees and its drilling contractors – SSK, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Burintech and New Tech. Work was performed with zero incidents or injuries. A number of ideas from the Well Engineering Opportunities Funnel were successfully implemented during well construction: operations on cleaning rotary BHA course were excluded, wiper trips of casing sections were optimized, and the length of killing tubing was reduced from 1,500 m to 500 m.

Erwin Boering, Wells Operations Team Lead: “I would like to thank the Well Engineering, Subsurface and New Technologies teams, as well as the participants from our contractors, for their continuous work on improving well construction efficiency and safe work performance. I would also like to emphasize a number of factors that helped achieve such great performance. All of them have to do with the high-level culture of continuous improvement at SPD, i.e.: no non-productive time of drilling equipment, highly efficient horizontal section drilling (98.3%) with a length of 950 m, great performance during casing RIH and excellent support from the SPD Drilling Support Center. I am confident that SPD can expect new records in the future.”

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