SPD has been developing the Salym group of oil fields in the Nefteyugansk District since 2003.A major modern oilfield, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, has been established here.

Caring about resources.

Environmental programs and projects are implemented in accordance with the requirements of Russian environmental legislation and international environmental standards. The company's goal is to become the regional environmental protection leader of the industry.

To achieve this, a Health, Safety, and Environmental system utilizing state of the art technologies has been developed. Thus, to ensure 95% associated petroleum gas utilization, SPD, together with its partners – Monolit and RussNeft – successfully commissioned a unique Gas Processing Plant in 2012. The plant, with the capacity of 360 million square meters per year, receives associated petroleum gas from SPD’s Salym group of fields as well as RussNeft’s Shapsha field and processes it into lean gas. This product is used as fuel for power generation facilities, converted into propane-butane mixture, casing head gasoline, and enjoys steady demand. The rational associated petroleum gas usage project makes it possible to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emission volumes and contribute to meeting Russia’s commitments according to the Kyoto Protocol, as well as provide the region with new jobs, additional tax revenue, and new generating facilities.

Focusing on environmental issues as a priority, the company has undertaken to abandon legacy wells and remediate oil-contaminated land in the adjacent areas.

Preserving wildlife

SPD conducts scheduled local environmental as well as additional geo-botanical monitoring of vegetation cover within the Salym group of fields and wildlife monitoring.

The number and distribution of animals and birds serve as a key indicator of change in biocenosis.

The research data shows that SPD operates with a minimum impact on the local flora and fauna. Thus, the population of blue hare during the years of the Salym project implementation has not changed. The populations of moose and sable have also demonstrated steady indicators, while the population of fox has doubled. According to seven years of field research and poll data, the presence of 114 species of birds has been registered within SPD licence areas. In the 2012 season, rubythroat and black kite were registered for the first time; the presence of redwing, black-throated thrush, wryneck, and goldeneye has also been reconfirmed.

Last year the company also performed work for determining soil types within the Salym group of fields.

Fruitful partnership

Within the scope of environmental protection activities, SPD closely cooperates with the Autonomous Okrug Government. The parties are currently implementing a three-year cooperation agreement for 2011-2013. The amount of the company’s annual social investment is 90 million roubles. The agreement provides for financing of social projects and programs in the areas of ecology, nature conservation activity, preserving biological diversity, as well as other areas.

Since 2005, the company has been a participant and a sponsor of the International Ecologic Action ‘To Save And To Preserve’. In 2013, SPD was a sponsor of the action and the 3rd Congress of ecologists of oil regions.

Regional state authorities have appreciated the company’s success in nature conservation activities. SPD is a laureate of the Black Gold Of Ugra contest, was awarded with a certificate of honour following the results of the Best Subsoil User contest, won a prize in the contest ‘Best Nature Conservation Enterprise Of The Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra Among Oil Producing Enterprises’. The company intends to remain a leader of environmental protection issues in the future as well.

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