Technology & Innovation

In the development of the Salym group of fields, Salym Petroleum Development applies the most advanced technologies and best practices of the international oil producing industry. SPD actively applies state of the art process solutions both in well construction and oil production as well as in industrial safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, personnel learning and development.

For construction of wells, SPD uses modern Russian drilling rigs upgraded by top drive manufactured abroad, and uses advance managerial solutions. Innovations like these make it possible for the company to drill wells faster – 9 days on the average, with a record-breaking achievement of 4.5 days.

For efficient fluid production and injection process control, the company executes a Well and Reservoir Management project focused on developing systemic approaches and ensuring a sustainable nature of field development. Within the scope of this project SPD, for the first time in Russia and in Shell, has implemented the innovative Smart Field technology which assists in remote control and supervision of the entire Salym oilfield well stock.

SPD is currently executing pilot project for enhanced oil recovery. The company is planning to apply chemical flooding technology on the basis of a three component mixture – alkali, surfactant, and polymer (ASP). In case the pilot phases are successful and a full-scale project is executed, SPD will be able to significantly increase production volumes as well as make a substantial contribution to the development of oil producing industry of both the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and the entire Russia.