• New Oil

    SPD seeks to maximize the efficiency of Salym fields development; therefore, one of priorities in its operations is to optimize field development plans and look for new oil production opportunities. Geologic modelling plays a major role in this work. In this discipline, SPD actively relies on the research & development potential of its shareholders – Shell and Gazprom neft JSC.

    3D Seismic is one of the most efficient technologies for surface geophysical studies in the course of building a detailed geological model and designing the optimum pattern of hydrocarbon raw material deposits development. 3D Seismic ensures acquisition of the most important information on the reservoir structure of the Salym group of fields including the integrity and volume inhomogeneity of productive formations.

    SPD executed a large-scale 3D Seismic program on the area of 1,830+ km2 which covered the territory of all three fields: West Salym, Upper Salym, and Vadelyp. The first results of this study have already made it possible for the company to develop well-known sections with higher economic efficiency due to improved definition of geologic properties and discover new potential development sections. By means of the data obtained, SPD optimizes oil deposit development actions, including infill drilling at the most promising sections, which leads to increased production and enhanced oil recovery factor.

    The entire data obtained in the course of 3D Seismic and other studies is used by specialists in building geologic and hydrodynamic models. SPD has already developed three high precision 3D sector models for the West Salym field. One model reflects the structure of the best deposits in the productive belt; the second one, geotechnical condition of peripheral portions with less productive sandy rock and lower oil saturation. The third model covers the area with low net-to-gross ratio and reservoir properties. The opportunity to forecast various development options combined with modern result visualisation methods helps engineers to optimize the development plans for enhanced oil recovery taking into account geological uncertainties and economic efficiency of the projects.

    SPD is currently working on developing a full-scale integrated static & dynamic model of the West Salym field, which will assist in further optimization of the development of productive formations of the Salym oilfield taking into account mutual impact of different parts of the field and properties of surface structures.

    The geologic modelling results have already made it possible for SPD to execute several projects focused on increased oil production. Thus, the analysis of reservoir models has shown that infill wells may yield economic efficiency in high oil saturation zones of the West Salym field. Assuming this, SPD has developed and is executing an infill drilling program from 50 to 25 hectares to double the number of wells. This work will make it possible to accelerate production and enhance oil recovery ratio within the economic field development period.