Modern Telecommunication System

During the development of the Salym oilfields SPD has designed and deployed one of the most cutting-edge telecommunication systems in Western Siberia. The company did its best to utilise the most modern communication equipment and most sophisticated technologies available in the telecommunications market.

The backbone of our telecommunications infrastructure is a system of radio relay links with traffic capability of 155 Mbit/s, manufactured by Nera. To provide this facility seven communication towers up to 82 meters high were erected. The system ensures reliable data transmission between key field sites of West Salym CPF, oil export pipeline block valves, CTF and SPD Base Camp. In the future, with the increase in company needs, the traffic capacity of the base network may be increased up to 2,4 Gbit/s, which represents an increase in 16 times the current bandwidth.

The radio communication system, TETRA, was based around five Compact stations manufactured by Motorola. This system is one of the first Russian digital systems in trunk radiotelephone communications, and the first one being deployed in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The system is intended for 500 users and has a link to a general switched telephone network. In the field the operator Megafon has deployed a GSM system of cell communication.

During the construction of field facilities in West Salym about 330 km of fibre optic cable was installed. Fibre optic cables are used to maintain LAN traffic and SCADA systems and are based on Rockwell Automation equipment.

A Local Area Network deployed in the field has integrated key field infrastructure facilities, regional offices in Khanty-Mansiysk and Nefteyugansk, SPD main office in Moscow into a Shell global computer network. Using our own broadband system, SPD employees can log onto the Shell corporate network directly from a drilling rig. This provides the opportunity to use not only office applications, but ensures efficient work with the SAP system.

The LAN was built using sophisticated IT security techniques, including access to data with employee personal smart-cards, efficient antivirus hardware protection, continuous daily monitoring of all network equipment and centralised service support to users in Russian and English. SPD employees are provided with secure access both to their personal data and to common network resources during business trips, anywhere in the world.

An important component of the field infrastructure is the integrated security system which includes equipment for round-the-clock video surveillance, perimeter fence monitoring and room access control, as well as a public address system, and fire and security alarms.

The investment into the construction of the IT infrastructure in the Salym group of fields meets company needs for advanced communication equipment, computerisation and automation for many years ahead.