• Gas Utilization

    Seeking to enhance field development efficiency, SPD has executed an integrated program for rational usage of associated petroleum gas (APG). The current APG utilization level on the Salym group of fields is over 97%.

    Associated petroleum gas produced on the Salym group of fields is forwarded to a unique associated petroleum gas processing facility build and operated by Monolit at the West Salym field. This unit also receives APG from RussNeft’s Shapsha group of fields – one of the partners in the rational associated petroleum gas usage project.

    The uniqueness of the plant is in the fact that it is Russia’s first gas processing facility built directly on the oilfield, away from main pipelines. The annual capacity of the LPG Plant is 360 million m3. The associated petroleum gas enters the unit to be processed into lean gas, casing head gasoline, and propane-butane mixture. Gasoline and mixture are sold to third party buyers, while the lean gas is delivered to SPD and RussNeft as fuel for their power plants.

    As a result of the project execution, the Salym oilfield now employs the entire APG processing cycle which assists in enhancing energy efficiency of the operation and reducing carbon emissions.

    The gas turbine power generation plant (PGP), with the capacity of 60 MW, running on lean gas and generating electricity to be used on the Salym oilfield, also contributes to reduction of air emissions within the scope of the Salym project. Low level of carbon dioxide emission is ensured by the innovative catalytic cleanup technology SoLoNOx used in PGP’s gas turbines.